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"Pak Usli apa bisa minta price list One Med.
Saya baru mulai buka toko alkes/habis pakai di pekanbaru
Nama toko saya Tiga Berlian Sukses"
by: Jonaidi
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Cincinnati Sub-Zero
Portable Cold Therapy (PCT)
The portable cold therapy unit from CSZ is the only water and ice unit that provides up to 10 hours of continuous and effective cryotherapy. Since the pump on the patented portable cold therapy unit is mounted externally, it does not cause ice to melt and therapy lasts longer than with competitive models.
With a variety of specially designed pads, and options like the automobile adapter, strapping system for back, hip, and knee, CSZ's portable cold therapy system can provide cold therapy wherever and whenever it's needed... in the hospital, at home, at work or on vacation.
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