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"Siang Pak Usli

Mohon bantu saya mau minta penawaran produk SMIC dg item sbb :
1. Bak Instrumen 1 pcs
2. Pincet Anatomis 1 pcs
3. Pincet Cirugis 1 pcs
4. Klem Khocer 2 pcs
5. ..."
by: Jonaidi
Product Detail Information
New applications:

- 3D/4D imaging: offers you the greatest
flexibility to fully view, and better analyzes
the VOI with enhanced diagnostic accuracy
- New transvaginal probe: larger view of angle
and better ergonomic design make your
scanning more comfortable


- Zoom function: automatic combination of
large-scale pan zoom and spot zoom, provides
the best zoom effect to visualize small structures
- Fetus analysis: various OB tables and trend graph
for analyzing fetal growth easily
- DVD Recorder: records baby’s face and emotion
for the parents
- Complete measurement items and formulae
with professional report template are provided
specifically for OB/GYN exams
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